Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm exhausted

I'm so tired I can hardly sit up. I'm like 10% Cara--very very far from full force.

I have these quick things of news:

Marsha Mason will come back to the New York stage again in Sarah Treem's play at Playwrights Horizons.

It appears that Signature is doing a season of Charles Mee plays starting with his take on Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis. (I don't think this has been announced, but it might have been... If it has, just ignore me.)

The next play at New World Stages' 499-seat Stage 1 will be Doug Grissom's Elvis People, a play about people influenced by Elvis. (I have no idea what that means exactly.) Starts in June.

OK--that's not much, I know... Two lame posts in a row... But stay tuned. Don't leave me now. I have things in my head--I just need to sleep more for them to come out of my head.


Seth Christenfeld said...

Well, that ensures that I will be staying far, far away from Signature...

Jaime said...

And it ensures that, barring another underwritten season, I'll be buying myself a subscription! Thanks for the exciting news.

StageDoor said...

Signature hasn't announced their season yet, so looks like you broke the news. The breakdown for the first show is out but none of the mainstream press seems to have picked up on it.

I'd heard about Marsha Mason but thanks for confirming.

Witz said...

I'm with Seth -- all Mee, no me. He's a hack.

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