Tuesday, April 11, 2006

And now for something more...

Kevin earlier today: "It's cara joy against the world. i've always said so."

In keeping with that, I've received my first blog complaint letter. Apparently I did not say enough about Addictions. Now I'm a people pleaser, so instead of a productive Tonys post, I'm going to try to rectify this Addictions matter.

The first of the one-acts starred Trudie Styler as a woman addicted to alcohol (she had a table and booze beside her, though a woman still read stage directions like "she takes another sip") and the next Jessica Hecht as a recovering smoker. The third was headlined by Jackie Hoffman and Matha Plimpton--I think Hoffman was supposed to be addicted to work in it, though it was never clear to me.

Now onto the speech--the evening was a benefit for a very worthy cause, Caron Treatment Centers (an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of addiction to alcohol and drugs). That was indeed mentioned sometime after the "emotional evening" bit (and, actually, later a Caron rep. spoke for a minute), but the majority of Walsh-Smith's speech was about the play. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but Walsh-Smith spoke of an Italian psychic who read her spirit--I think that was part of what compelled her the pieces we saw, but I couldn't swear to it. She then went on to talk about how Natasha Richardson, who was not in the area, desperately wanted to do the play because Richardson believed no one else was really writing great parts for women. (Walsh-Smith did this while appearing onstage along with the people who actually did show up to do her show.)

It was a really worthwhile evening. Tons of money was raised. I think that is pretty much it. I'm drained. Oh, one more thing--for those of you who asked--I did not request a refund at Wicked (and was actually happt to see the Glinda understudy).

I leave you with this contribution from Billy Finnegan (who is apparently the star of this blog). I told him I scheduled The Threepenny Opera and Three Days of Rain on consecutive days and he believed I should post that fact on Talkin' Broadway.

They would find that very interesting. They would chat about it!
"what other shows with three in the title have you seen?"
"my high school did two for the seesaw"
"this thread is about shows with three in the title not two. If you want to talk about shows with two in the title, start your own thread"


Jugi said...

Cara, I'm a new, faithful reader of your blog (thanks to our gender-bending mutual pal) but is it a requirement that one read your 'other' website in order to understand your words here? Consider me thoroughly out of the loop, but -- with all due respect, what are you talking about here?

carajoy said...

I'm sorry I lost you!

Was in the Addictions part? I explained what addictions was in the previous post.... but I know this post got a little off track. Back full force next post!

Or was it the Billy part? That was just me being silly.... and our friend's favorite part of the entry....

Either way, the other Blog is exactly the same and I'm actually going to stop it.

All apologies again...