Thursday, January 11, 2007

A quick post about something that annoys me...

I was going to write about theater availability tonight, but I'm too tired to construct the list. So, I am going to make this whole post about something I was just going to mention in passing--journalists reporting inflated sales figures. When Playbill reported Spring Awakening's advance was "approaching $2 million" 2 days after it opened, I laughed out loud. I thought "by approaching do they mean three-fourths away?" The Grease figure most recently reported is closer to reality, but still not quite there yet. And, here is the thing, journalists just print this stuff without backing it up. So--this is another one of my "don't believe everything you read--even if you see it here" posts. If you see printed copies of the producer's books, that's one thing. (While they could still be falsified, it likely wouldn't be worth the effort in most cases.) But, short of that...

OK, I really need to go to sleep. Theaters on Sunday!

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