Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where for art thou Olivia?

How about Kerry Butler? That was the "big" news this week, I suppose, or at least part of the big news. Kerry--who was recently let go from One Life to Live--of course did the first reading of the show (though the inference in the producer's statement that they always wanted her is crap, if you ask me). I have nothing bad to say about Kerry, please don't construe this post as an attack on her. But I wonder if a show like this can survive without a name on the marquee. To do so I suspect it will need total raves and amazing marketing. Stranger things have happened, but... Well, I wish it the best.

About a month ago I heard Deborah "Don't call me Debbie" Gibson was begging to be in Xanadu. This reminded me about how she was supposed to be the "star" casting that was going to save A Class Act. I doubt many of you out there know about that, but before the show closed, there was a rumor that they had a star going in. It was her! It never happened and wasn't even announced. I guess they decided her doing the Broadway boogie woogie wouldn't be enough to put them in the black.

Anyway, that was a random side story. So, the other part of the Xanadu announcement was the fact that it was opening next season, which I feel like I already knew, but, whatever. That means, Kerry cannot take a Best Actress slot and there is one less entry in every other category that musicals can be in. Now, while I heard the workshop was a lot of fun, I wasn't expecting it to be a big Tony winner, so, I'm not sure how much of a difference the date thing makes in terms of award season, but it is interesting. Traditionally, very few things open that soon after the Tony deadline unless Roundabout or MTC is doing them. It will be interesting if having the limelight to itself, means magic for Xanadu. I'm so all about roller-skating.

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