Thursday, May 03, 2007

It Could Please Me More, But...

As I sat through LoveMusik tonight, I thought about what was missing from the show. I've decided it's Brooke Sunny Moriber--how is an esoteric, pretentious musical complete without her? I really don't think it is.

Anyway, yes, I missed a post on Sunday. It was not my fault--I could not load the blogger software either Sunday night or Monday morning and by Monday afternoon I lost the energy to look. You shall all forgive me, I'm sure.

So I guess the biggest news of the week is Cabaret. (Small note: it always helps to keep these things in perspective--this was considered huge news on the rialto today, but, our huge news is actually very, very small news to the general public... even the public that lives on 54th street. And by Friday really no one will care.) I must admit I hadn't heard about Cabaret. I had heard Roundabout they hired David Grimm to work on an adaptation of Cyrano, which seemed very Roundabout, but nothing on Cabaret prior to today. The big topic today stemming from this was: Is this right for the Roundabout to do? And I say this--I'd like if they always took risks and didn't bring back shows we just saw, but I can't blame them for wanting a hit. Roundabout has a tendency to mount expensive shows. Without Studio 54 they have two theaters to do this expensive stuff in. And assuming they are still planning on taking over the future 950-seat theater in the building where Henry Miller's Theatre used to be, there will be three (I haven't checked up on this in a while--so please don't hold me to it). Now, sure they get money from tons of grants and subscribers, etc., but having a hit at one of their theaters helps fund the other stuff. I have a story in The Times today in which Roundabout AD Todd Haimes talks a little bit about financing issues and how it's hard to mount big things. No one would argue about that. Even with subsidy, it's not easy. So extra money coming in is handy. And will we miss sitting through shows at Studio 54? The truth is, with the possible exception of Assassins (which I didn't like, but was well-staged for the place), nothing other than Cabaret has really worked at 54. I'd rather write off 54 and see bigger, more well-realized productions at the AA and Laura Pels than have them all running cheaper new stuff.

Am I a fan of everything Roundabout does? Nope. Did I went a set and bigger cast for Apple Tree? Yup. Do I have any personal desire to see Cabaret again? Oh, no. (Though I'd totally be excited if it were like Kirsten Dunst in...) And I completely realize why people are upset about this and I respect their opinions. I'm just saying off all the things to pick on, bringing back Cabaret strikes me as a minor one.


Seth Christenfeld said...

It's 37 kinds of wrong.

(Although if anyone could make me interested in Cyrano again, it's David Grimm.)

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Brooke Sunny Moriber may have been in some pretentious shows, but she herself is not pretentious at all!