Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, in an unusual circumstance, a lot of my "locks" didn't get in. I mean, often I have mistakes in my own choices, but rarely are my "locks" so off. And Brooks Ashmanskas was in my "Ummm.... I think not." I'd like to say I thought "maybe..." after I posted the list, but I'm not that wise. I had no idea. I'm also sad for John Mahoney. So I'm sorry for being wrong and I'm sad also. Not a cheery combo.

But, anyway, Coram Boy. They should have asked for Special Theatrical. Sure, they got a bunch of nominations they wouldn't have been eligible for had the producers gone that way, but, they very well might have had a Tony. To those of you who argue that their petition for Special Theatrical wouldn't have been accepted because it's a play, I ask you to come up with the last 5 petitions Tony has denied. You'll have to go back far. Plus, this is sort of an event. It's a play with a choir. When will that ever happen again? So, it basically would have been Coram v. Kiki--sorry puppet man--and I don't know how many Tony voters even saw Kiki... (Yes, they are not supposed to vote in categories where they have not seen every nominee, but, that is sadly never honored.) Of course, without a Best Play nomination, I doubt Coram can even make it to Tony night. A lot of people will cheer it's demise, but, I for one will not be happy. I want things that are adventurous to succeed--regardless of my personal views on them--because I think it encourages other adventurous work. And I'd rather see something visually captivating than another August Wilson play.

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