Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lincoln Center's Epic

Because I'm all about 2006-2007, I provide you with a question that is sure to be debated by many come mid-next season: Should The Coast of Utopia be considered one play or three?

I asked this of a few experts a couple of weeks so and the consensus was that Coast would be considered one play come Tony time. These experts cited the 2-part The Kentucky Cycle as precedent (though I'm sure there are also other examples). Back in 1994 that was nominated for Best Play as if it was a singular entity. But, here is the thing, they just announced opening dates for Coast of Utopia and the first part is opening over three months before the third (and final) part. Seriously--Part One, Voyage is opening November 5, Part Two, Shipwreck is opening December 21 and Part Three, Salvage is not opening until February 15. The total run of The Kentucky Cycle lasted about a month, so that was clearly a case where the parts followed each other more swiftly. I offer that, despite precedent, some people are going to be torn on this one. Probably the "one play" feeling will prevail, but it is an interesting question to ponder.

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Witz said...

OK, A: Why do you have no comments, people? and
B: I saw all three parts of "Coast of Utopia" in one day in London. It's definitely 3 plays, and the last one doesn't count.