Thursday, June 22, 2006

Theaters, Theaters and More Theaters

OK, so I haven’t posted in a while. Sorry about that. Partially it’s because I haven’t been feeling full force, but it’s also due to the fact that no one has been asking me questions that needed to be answered in a forum such as this. Feel free to ask your own—that would be huge (as Don Summa would say).

That being said, in the last week I have received a series of emails asking about theater availability for the upcoming shows. So I’m going to post a little bit about that. Note that I like some of the currently running shows that we’ll be saying goodbye to, so picture me sitting here with a tear (a single one, in preparation for Cry Baby).

Vacant theaters that do not have anything officially announced are: Cort, Longacre, Palace and the Brooks Atkinson. The Belasco has something there now, Awake and Sing!, but, because it is limited, that theater will soon be vacant without an announced tenant.

Of those, the Palace is a prime musical venue, rumored for Legally Blonde. The Brooks will house the Dylan/Tharp musical The Times They Are A-Changin'.

What other theaters could be empty fairly soon? Martin Short hasn’t even started at the Jacobs yet and it will stay afloat a while, but could be out of there come winter. Same goes for Grey Gardens at the Walter Kerr. The Helen Hayes is booked with The Two and Only in the fall, but I saw that off-Broadway and I don’t give it long on. Shows that are currently running and definitely on their way out include my beloved Hot Feet at the Hilton (which seems destined for the big-budget spectacular Pirate Queen, if that turns out better than Martin Guerre) and The Lieutenant of Inishmore (which my friends support) at the Lyceum. I also sadly can’t picture The Wedding Singer lasting throughout the season (no matter how many people my mother sends to it). Additionally, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels probably drops off totally in the fall and Sweeney Todd is barely hanging on now. (Though I support both of them!) If they closed, the Imperial and the O’Neil would be vacant.

Word on the street is that The Producers may shutter at the St. James this year, but I am not holding my breath. (They could still put in a star—Lisa Rinna as Ulla anyone?!) Drowsy, this year’s little musical that could, continues to impress at the box office—I wasn’t counting on that originally and I am unsure how long it can last, but the Marquis is probably booked for the season.

I’m pretty sure that covers it. I mean there are always the Rent and Hairspray closing rumors, but I never put much stock in them. Maybe I’m missing an announced or majorly rumored housing thing? It is possible... I’m honestly only at about 44% cara, so I could be leaning towards the sloppy side. (Though star playwright Billy Finnegan corrected only one a mistake when I read this to him, so he is on it and probably close to full force.)

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