Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Thoughts on Theaters

I have just returned from Sweeney Todd. I have to say--while there are many virtues to be found in the production (I wholeheartedly support Donna Lynne Champlin in everything, I really find Lauren Molina oddly great in it, etc.), that entire revival is basically about Patti for me. (I just stared at those who asked me to go see Judy Kaye.) And she is back full force! Nevertheless, I still cannot imagine the show lasting until Thanksgiving, no matter when the genius Ms. LuPone is signed until.

OK, so I've received a few: "What about the Richard Rodgers?" emails. I didn't hate Tarzan at all, I got what I expected, but because of personal reasons I would be happy if Disney had a bomb. (Why are they such meanies? And why did they not produce my beloved Little Mermaid first?!?!) That being said, there is very, very little chance that Tarzan will go away this season. The winter will be tough--do apes hibernate? these ones may as well!--but Disney is unlikely to shut it down in January, in my opinion. Thus I'd be surprised if the Rodgers opens up in time to house one of this season's planned tuners.

I should also say, someone reminded me of how late in the fall Grey Gardens is opening and that they are making changes. It's also represented by my favorite press agent, Michael "Mikey" Borowski (who can, in his short-shorts, run through the whole Madonna concert if you ask him to), so I should be nice. With these things in mind, let me say that it could last through the season. It's in a tiny house and, while I thought Ebersole was preaching to the converted when she sat on a Pride Parade float, she probably did reach a good number of queens who didn't get in previously. If they all come and the show is tightened, who knows... I still don't think tons will come and I would be shocked if years from now we'll be watching Little Edie anywhere but on DVD (or maybe at a MOMA screening), but saying it will last only a couple of months may be selling it short. I hope you supporters are happy now.

I knew about The Grinch, but that doesn't change my Pirate Queen statement. Queen is after. And my Drowsy statement seems to have been misconstrued--I'm happy it is doing so well, I just didn't know when I saw it out-of-town that it had so wide an audience. That's it.

I would ask you all to join me tomorrow at Joe Iconis' Ars Nova show, but it's sold out. Alas.

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