Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Say That This Is The End

If Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock can have three weddings, I can have three of these posts. (Though I hear they are having/already had a fourth and I won't make it that far...)
Remember When...

David Hasselhoff was going to star in a revival of Paint Your Wagon?

Julie Taymor was at work on a Pinocchio musical?

An autobiographical Ben Vereen musical was supposed to play on Broadway?

R. Kelly was supposedly writing the score for a Rocky musical? (I can't remember whether this news came out pre-criminal charges or not...)

Paper Mill Playhouse was going to present the world premiere of a musical version of the Cher triumph Mask?

Mark Ruffalo was in talks to star in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof?

Liam Neeson was going to headline a Camelot revival with either Audra McDonald or Laura Benanti at his side?

Anne Hathaway was supposed to star in The Woman in White?

William Shatner and Richard Chamberlain were both considering visits to Urinetown?

Hilary Swank and Liev Schreiber were the ones who were supposed to star in After the Fall at the Roundabout?

That's it for this random series. As I'm a little tired and need time for my brain to heal, the next few posts are going to be done by a special guest columnist. He's keeping the whole Sunday/Wednesday schedule alive. I don't know if he wants his identify revealed, so I am not going to share it; he can choose to give his name or not. We'll see what he has to say--I'm going to have no more idea than you before the post actually goes up. I just hope he doesn't attack any of my favorite people. If he does, I'll step in of course. But, for now, the plan is for me to take a week or so off. I need to think of nothing but clouds and rainbows.

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