Sunday, August 06, 2006

Getting All Your Ducks in a Row

OK, OK... I missed my Wednesday post, but it's been a kind of odd week... Monday I had a job, Tuesday I didn't. More on that on another day... maybe.

Now onto the past week in theater. I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change celebrated its tenth anniversary off-Broadway last week. And I want to say something about it... That show has one of the best names ever. It has a title that middle-aged people see and think: "I NEED TO SEE THAT!" I mean, here is a show that got mixed reviews and is, in some circles, picked on. Yet it's still open... No offense to the show Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts created, but I really give the majority of credit for the show's success to the ingenious title. I also believe Hot Feet would have sold more tickets if it was called Boogie Wonderland. And if only In My Life could have been called You Light Up My Life… Though that would have been confusing.

On an unrelated note... A little something you people out there may not know is that Bill Nighy (currently on screen in the perplexing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest) will join Julianne Moore in The Vertical Hour on Broadway. I tell you this, not because I think you care about Bill Nighy (though some of you might), but mostly because further casting insures the show actually is happening. I was worried for a while. Oh, and another thing you may not know, The Vertical Hour used to randomly be titled Eight Ducks. I have no idea why.


Seth Christenfeld said...

And the title The Vertical Hour is so clear?

carajoy said...

Oh, no... It's not, but I think it's probably a wise change. Mostly because I think people hear "Ducks" in the title and they think of "The Mighty Ducks."

Wait--that's a movie idea--Julianne Moore coaching a hockey team. It will be one of her attempts at being mainstream--like "Rules of Attraction."

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Witz said...

I so totally love Bill Nighy and NEED to see this show!!!!