Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Think of All That We've Been Through

Because I cleaned out my office, I found my old notes. A lot of the stuff in them, even I had forgotten over the years (though not as much as I should have). Thus I am going to do a series of blog posts about them. Why not? Little thought/skill required of me. It's the lazy time of summer, after all. So, without further rambling, I offer the first of the "Remember When" series.

Remember When….

The Shuberts were supposed to produce a revised version of Chess? (Too bad the Richard Maltby Jr. script was apparently too bad to put on stage.)

Margo Lion was supposedly developing a musical version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

Clear Channel presented workshops of A Bronx Tale musical?

There were supposed to be dueling basketball musicals on Broadway? (Neither ever happened--even the Disney one, which had a tryout theater, never materialized.)

Harold and Maude was bound for NYC? (Actually, if you check on the Kaye Ballard website it says she is up for a Broadway mounting of the musical to take place during the 2007-2008 season... Umm... I saw it and... Well, I won't be nasty.)

Jordan Roth was going to present Broadway Bares on Broadway?

Tim Burton was going to direct the Jim Steinman/David Ives take on Batman in Gotham?

Burt Reynolds was set to return to the New York stage in a comedy about television producers entitled Pitch?

A stage version of Rosie O'Donnell's book Find Me, featuring assistance from Cyndi Lauper, was inevitable?

The Weisslers' were producing a musical version of The Blue Angel by Peter Parnell and Stephen Trask?

The Helen Hayes Theater Company in Nyack, New York was going to present Rupert Holmes' musical take on his television show Remember WENN with some of its original cast?


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