Thursday, October 05, 2006

The room is spinning

I have long been a supporter of Meredith Patterson's career (not that it has helped her any), so it made me very happy to see her re-appear on Boston Legal Tuesday night. For those of you who did not see it--let me share with you a highlight.

Scene: Meredith's character is crying because she just found out her husband is a cheater
Candice Bergen: "Look at the lungs on you..."
Meredith: "I learned to project in Gypsy."

Now that is mildly funny regardless of your knowledge of Meredith's career, but it becomes genuinely amusing when you know she spent a little while this summer starring in the title role of Gypsy at the St. Louis Muny. (She received good reviews, Karen Mason, the production's Rose, did not fare as well.) Looks like David Kelley knows his actors...

You know, that was lame written out like that, but, I swear it was amusing at the time. Now I had a lot more to write today, but the fever seems to have over-heated my brain and caused malfunction. So I don't remember what any of it was. But wait until Sunday, it will so all come back to me by then. Actually, come back before then if you don't want to read all the High Fidelity reviews, but do want excerpts from them. They will be up here.

I leave you with this thought--
If Tracey Ullman can write a book about knitting (seriously), why can she not get her Broadway show together?

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