Thursday, October 26, 2006

While we were talking I saw you nodding out...

I have read your emails about what you want to read here and I’m thinking… This Sunday will be the day for me to report some casting scoops. I believe. Assuming I don’t go through some Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind wipe prior to then.

But, today, I have a little past business to finish up. I got three emails about my last column. Two people said I forgot Sunday in the Park with George and one person said I omitted Don Carlos. For those of you who do not know about Don Carlos—the production of Friedrich Schiller's tragedy that was supposed to come to Broadway, was one that starred Derek Jacobi and opened in the West End in February 2005. It was supposed to come to New York in fall 2005. Now we never saw it here and I heard very little about it after the initial reports that it would come. There are apparently still those hoping to bring it, but I tend to think it will go the way of Breath of Life, Fallen Angels and countless others.

Sunday in the Park with George: I am going on a limb here and assume everyone that reads this blog, other than possibly my close friends, knows what this musical is about. It opened on Broadway in May 1984, closed October 1985 and has never been revived on the Great White Way. The production heading to New York originated at the Menier Chocolate Factory, a tiny UK fringe venue that is very hip, and transferred to the West End, where it played from May to September of this year. The production, directed by Sam Buntrock (who I’d never heard of previously), was called “exquisite” by The London Times, but my friends who saw it oddly didn’t love it. Regardless of what they thought (apparently they don't rule the world), it was quickly touted for a transfer and even put “headed to Broadway” or something of the like in its UK advertisements. Of course, no theater was ever announced.

So that is it. I have to be somewhere VERY early tomorrow morning, so I am going to sleep. I am looking forward to reading the inevitable announcement tomorrow of Curtains at the Beck (also known as the Hirschfeld, to those not hanging on to the past). I hope no journalist writes that it received “rave” reviews in LA. I don’t want to lose faith in the profession.

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