Monday, October 30, 2006

Still rollin', keep a-rollin'

Has everyone read The Times story on Little Dog Laughed yet? I hope so. Now, of course, I mean the Sunday Times story, not today's story about how Julie White was chomping down instead of being at her matinee. That just made me sad.

Anyway, better late than never with this posting.... I received five emails from you all in the last week. I am answering four below to the best of my ability. Tomorrow hopefully I'll have the answer to the fifth...

Q: What do you know about Rock of Ages?

A: Not that much. I know people who saw this "hair band musical" (a term I hope to use frequently from now on) in LA and thought it was campy and ridiculous. I know that it includes the songs "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Nothin' But A Good Time," making me happy. And I know it will begin performances at the Daryl Roth Theatre (soon to be home to a limited engagement of Striking 12, a musical I support) in March--I clearly am marking my calender now. I don't know who will be in it--certainly not Los Angeles star Laura Bell Bundy.

Q: Have you heard anyone other than Boyd Gaines for Journey's End? I heard Orlando Bloom.

A: I loved this email because I didn't know that name was really out there until I received it. I too heard Bloom at some point and, when I did hear it, I laughed. I haven't heard it since. Now I am all for random Hollywood actors coming to Broadway, but Bloom (who always seems in interviews like a very nice guy) really, really can't act, so I actually felt like it might be painful. I don't think we'll have to worry about it though, because I do not believe it is happening. I have heard Gaines (who told Playbill he was doing it), Hugh Dancy (who I recently watched in Basic Instinct 2), Jefferson Mays and Sam Barnett (who Rocco asked me about in a previous comment). These names are not official--they are "mentioned," as Ken Mandelbaum would write.

Q: Who is in 110 in the Shade with Audra?

A: I've heard the names Christopher Innvar, Steve Kazee and Bobby Steggert. I can't swear by any of them, but they make sense to me.

Q: Who is going to be in Adrift in Macao off-Broadway?

A: Well, I sort of don't know the answer. The original plan was to import the company directly from last fall's mounting at the Philadelphia Theater Company. I think that is a huge mistake, but, that is beyond the point. That company included Rachel de Benedet, Michele Ragusa (in a role that I saw Kaitlin Hopkins do in a reading to better effect), David McDonald and Michael Rupert. I think you will see most of them off-Broadway in January, but you will not see Rupert, as he is headed to Legally Blonde. I have not heard yet who will replace him, so, I've partially failed on this one.

OK--was this posting worth the wait? (That was rhetorical.)


Moxie said...

I heard that Steve Kazee is doing 110 In the Shade, and Chris Innvar has an offer.

carajoy said...

That's interesting. I heard Innvar was doing it or I would not have put it up... (Like I didn't put up Holbrook because I didn't hear one way or the other about whether he was going to accept!) Oh, well. Thanks for the post.

ME said...

Orlando Bloom can't act? He can't act u silly fool. Have you seen Kingdom of Heaven? Have you seen Elizabethtown? or even pirates? He's young give him a freaking chance.

ME said...

I meant to say he CAN act, this is what I get for typing when I am tired.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you would say Orlando Bloom can't act! Are you blind, stupid or both? He has come a very long way since his role in the Lord of the Rings films. Obviously great director's Like Ridley Scott, Cameron Crowe, and Wolfgang Peterson know he has talent or they wouldn't request him for major roles in their films. I guess you are saying they don't know what great actors look like? I admit the theater release of Kingdom of Heaven did not show how much Orlando has grown as an actor but the Director's Cut sure does. I would suggest you rent that and watch it. As for Troy, he played Paris exactly the way Paris is portrayed in the Iliad so he did exactly what he was suppose to do ... ACT! Have you ever even read the Iliad? I seriously doubt it. It's funny how critics love to bash certain actors but they don't have their facts straight and probably haven't even seen the entire films they speak of. It's pathetic really. You need to find something better to do with you time. Perhaps writing fiction would be a good option? You are obviously good at that. LMAO

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious about Orlando Bloom's acting? Did you miss Kingdom of Heaven and Haven? I just don't get how you could say that! He has grown incredibly as an actor! I suggest you rent Kingdom of Heaven Director's Cut and watch it all the way through and perhaps you might get a clue. Haven isn't out in most places but it will be out on DVD on December 26th so make sure you watch that one as well. I also loved him in Elizabethtown where he had the opportunity to show a variety of emotions. I loved the heart wrenching drive he took with his father's ashes. Maybe you didn't see that movie either? Perhaps you should try again. Then again maybe you just don't recognize talent when you see it. I am thankful Cameron Crowe and Ridley Scott know better than you.