Sunday, September 24, 2006

Don't Ya Think

Greetings all. The Jewish holiday just ended a few hours ago and I'm still away with family. Thus there will be no real posting today. I will say that I was reading my guest blogger's columns over and I want to make a correction--Jane Eyre was not closed when it was nominated for its Tony. I remember vividly the whole "we're closing/we're not" drama because it geniusly involved Alanis Morisette (who bailed the show out) and it also involved Tony Award broadcast time (the Tonys took away the show's performance time-slot when it announced it was closing and originally refused to give it back even though the show was remaining open). In the end, Jane Eyre was indeed still open when it was nominated for its Tony and when it lost on Tony night (which of course was inevitable). After a fight, the show was allowed to perform on the broadcast. I can't remember what they performed--the only thing I remember from that night was timing the number on a stop watch and, additionally, being upset when Christine Ebersole won. OK, back to the family now. It's time for dinner. I'll have a good post on Wednesday to make up for this random one.

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Anonymous said...

Jane Eyre performed a song called "Secret Soul" or "Secret Sauce," or something.