Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Just Can't Wait...

It is my favorite time of year ladies and gentlemen -- fall television premiere time. This is really the time of year when there is an extra spring in my step, that full force cara glimmer in the eye (that you likely cannot see behind my glasses).

This season has been particularly special so far because it has been full of theater folk. Did everyone see that Megan Mullallay opened her show with a musical number? I mean, sure she has no idea how to be a talk show host, but she can sing. That's what these critics need to focus on. And Heather Goldenhersh... I really thought she would tone the lisp down before hitting the airways... But there it was, full force as she talked to theater vet Jesse Tyler Ferguson on the CBS show The Class. Really warms my heart.

Speaking of making me happy, and we always are, my friend Michael made me very happy when he sent me this link on Monday:

I love these photos. I mean, look at these two women. Look at the differences... As far as I am concerned, more Legends! stalking people. Get out there. Just don't get arrested--I spent a night in jail once and I think everyone should try to avoid it.

OK, now I need to take a moment to applaud the sheer strength of Disney marketing. They really can push anything. I have often said that if Seussical or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were Disney shows--they would have survived much longer than they did. And if Cats opened during the Disney era, it would have never survived; it would have been crushed by the Disney family fare. Disney is a child friendly machine. I see those Tarzan commercials and I think "oy" but I was sitting in a roomful of people earlier today and the commercial came on and I heard a mother say "I HAVE TO get tickets to that." And it's on all the time. So is that "Just can't wait to see King" ultra NYC-centered Lion King commercial--even I had that stupid line in my head today. Disney marketing is unavoidable--it's not that what they have is so clever, it's simply that it is slick and omnipresent. I can't compliment the company's genius, but I do admire the amount of money they put behind their shows. Of course they are the only Broadway producers who have billions to spare.

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