Thursday, August 09, 2007

Oh, well.

I write now as a disappointed individual. I must admit---I hadn't heard about A Bronx Tale. Often I hear about shows before they are announced, but, for some reason, this news escaped me prior to its announcement. Now, when I saw the Bronx Tale headlines, I got very excited. "Finally," I thought, "this really is the season of things I thought I'd never see. What's next? Rosie's Find Me? That musical based on the songs of Chicago?" Why was I this jazzed by a production of one-person show? Well, because, I didn't think these stories were announcing the one-person show, I thought they were announcing the musical version.

Does no one else remember that? None of the stories I read mentioned it... Clear Channel was supposed to produce it--I think it was a full-fledged musical, though it may have been a "play with music" (I really don't remember). John Lloyd Young and Julia Murney were in the reading with Palminteri. Michael Greif directed. It disappeared. Today, for one bright moment, I thought it was resurrected, but, alas. I suppose every season needs some one-person shows.

Back by popular demand on Sunday/Wednesday--guest blogger Tony predictions! An annual tradition!

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Eric of said...

A musical of A Bronx Tale--I've only seen the movie, but there's definitely production number potential in the 10 hour long bloody fight scene where the mobsters destroy the bikers with every impromptu weapon imaginable.

Hopefully the one man show isn't quite as graphic...