Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesdays and Fridays Always Get Me Down

Have I ever discussed here how, when I was a theater newswriter, I dreaded Wednesday and Friday? Both days had Riedel columns and, for most of my tenure, Fridays also included a Times column. Those were my least favorite days because, if there was news in those columns, that was generally news I didn't uncover/couldn't confirm. And I hate coming up short (I use the word "short" in keeping with the fact that when I was younger and people asked me what I wanted to be, I always said "tall").

Of course that is generally no longer a problem for me. But, well, today Riedel had what I was going to write about, which was Kevin Kline in Cyrano. I mean, that was going to be my genius post, but, alas, scoop gone.... I will talk about this aspect of it--the fact that I assume this means Roundabout won't be doing its planned production of Cyrano, adaptation by David Grimm. I remember one other time in recent memory something similar happened to the theater company--it was planning to mount Our Town before the Paul Newman production announced it would be coming in. This is a similar situation--a big star wants to do it with commercial producers and no more Roundabout. Personally I don't know why Cyrano is so hot all of a sudden... but... okay. Also, personally, I'd like to see Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah do it.

Who knew the details of that Mark Twain play weren't announced yet? I had no idea. I thought it was all announced! I think I wrote John Cullum here before, Jenn Gambatese and Marylouise Burke were have also been mentioned to me.

Can someone explain to me why Joe Mantello for 9 to 5? I've been thinking about it more and more and I don't get it. Does he seem like a musical comedy genius? I mean, I think he's done a great job on a lot of things, but I'm not sure I'd think "Wow, this is the guy we need to direct a Dolly Parton musical." I guess we'll see... If all goes as planned and 9 to 5 hits the Ahmanson next fall, I'm totally going to book a trip. I like the Ahmanson. And I can completely picture Dolly standing outside holding court.

I leave you with a conversation my friend Al told me of... (It reminded me how when I went to see the tour of Saturday Night Fever it was totally without curses and with just a vague reference to Annette's drama.)

One guy: "It's like Grease-lite."
Other guy: "It's Grease! What's not light about Grease to start with?"


Ludlow Lad said...

Two things: I freaking love Marylouise Burke. And maybe they are expecting a huge star for 9 to 5 and isn't Mantello supposed to be the guy to handle huge egos? - Just a guess

Seth Christenfeld said...

Dammit, a David Grimm Cyrano would have actually had me interested.