Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Greetings & Replacement Tony Post 705

First I want to say “Hello” to my new readers that I’m not quite sure how I acquired. You know I began this blog so I could refer people I know to it when they ask me questions. Since then, I’ve thrown in some randomness. And I’m happy that others are finding it useful or entertaining, but, when reading it, please remember that a lot of the things I write are geared towards a very specific audience that understands my tone. So, you know, try not to take anything too seriously. (And feel free to email me if you’re offended by something. I’m good with semi-impersonal communication.)

OK, now on to ANOTHER replacement Tony post. I have spent so much time on this! This is the final list of people I believe to be eligible for the Best Rereation or whatever it’s called Tony. I have heard that Rent is not submitting Tim Howar and Spamalot is opting to propose Harry Groener and Martin Moran (leaving out Steve Kazee). That could not be true, it’s based totally on rumor, but I’m doing my list with that information. With Phantom having a new Christine, I’m not sure about whether it will be Sandra Joseph or new star, Rebecca Pitcher, so I’ll leave them both on with astericks next to their name. And given that Howard McGillin will most certainly be proposed, the show can only pick one of the leading ladies. (I bet one of my favorite press agents, occasional blog reader Mikey, might know...)

It is important to note that I have no way of knowing if any given show is proposing their stars. For instance, the Avenue Q leads are on here, but Avenue Q could have opted simply not to invite the Tony Admin committee, leaving those stars ineligible. I just don’t know. Also, there is the question regarding people who started last season. We’re assuming they can be considered (and, indeed, I know at least one of them has been proposed without objection), but there is no hard rule that I know of. So it could be that Steve Blanchard, Harvey Fierstein and more actually cannot be considered. And I feel like I may be missing someone… But, if it is a man, I doubt it is someone who could beat Pryce! Though you never know...

Barrett Foa
Steve Blanchard
Jonathan Pryce
Ron Eldard
Harry Groener

John Pinette
Matt Caplan
Howard McGillin
Martin Moran

Hunter Foster
John Treacy Egan
Harvey Fierstein

Mary Faber
Ashley Brown
Eileen Atkins
Shannon Durig
Antonique Smith
Eden Espinosa
Megan Hilty
Sandra Joseph*
Rebecca Pitcher*

*One of these two people will not be eligible

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MCC said...

bradford directed me to your blog.
and i so enjoy it.