Monday, May 15, 2006

Once more with feeling...

I want to state this once again for the record:

Frances Sternhagen and George Grizzard are eligible in the Featured categories
Lynn Redgrave is eligible in the Lead Actress category

I don't care what anyone else says, this is the truth. I stake my reputation on it.

Today there was much debate over this (with the show's own press agents in the dark)--I seriously spent a lot of time reproving these facts. I argued with people affiliated with Seascape and The Constant Wife who should know. But, in the end, the above statements were proven true.

I only feel the need to post this yet again because, unless Sternhagen picks up a featured nod (which could totally happen), I know I am going to get an email from someone calling Sternagen's lack of Lead Actress nomination the snub of the decade because there are so few actresses eligible in that category. Please don't send that email. I mean, I love random Tony discussions, but that one will just annoy me.

Also, an additional note, not that any of you care, but, while it was left out of the Tony release, the Hot Feet score is ineligible because it features only six new songs.

Time to rest up for the big day.

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