Monday, May 01, 2006

A tiny alteration...

I did my odds list before the Drama Desk nominations were announced, but I still don't think I'd change anything. My heart has always said Kelli O'Hara should be in 'Lock,' I got talked out of it, so there you go, that might be the one thing I'd change looking back. I still contend Felicia P. Fields is a 'Lock,' though she has so far been snubbed.

BUT the biggest thing I've learned is that it now appears Cherry Jones will be featured. They are asking for featured at least and, as I've said before, the Tony people rarely refuse such requests... So, I'd say, based on that:

Very Likely Featured Actress in a Play Nominees:
Tyne Daly, Rabbit Hole
Jayne Houdyshell, Well
Frances de la Tour, The History Boys
Cherry Jones, Faith Healer

And one more from that long list below.... I'd assume Zoe Wanamaker if she is featured. (Actually, I've never been 100% set on Tyne Daly, but everyone else seems to be, so I gave way to peer pressure there. And with her, there is only that one more slot...)

Very Likely Actress in a Play Nominees:
Kate Burton, The Constant Wife
Judy Kaye, Souvenir
Lisa Kron, Well
Cynthia Nixon, Rabbit Hole

Lynn Redgrave, The Constant Wife
I guess those are the five? Unless Julia somehow pulls one out (and, I mean, I do admire her Easter Bonnet campaign push)... That's really not a stellar bunch. I mean Lynn Redgrave, while genius, didn't even have a lead role! If Zoe Wanamaker is lead, it changes it a little bit. But, most importantly, looking at this list I think: "And the Tony goes to... Cynthia Nixon," a statement that makes me very happy.

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Rocco said...

Hey, thanks for thinking this through more than I have the time or capacity to.

I put you in the links section of my blog. Hope that's alright.