Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm sick

I am trying to rest and not to leave my apartment. Though I'm happy, as I write this, that my computer is amazingly working. It hasn't been, but it is as if someone said, "We've given you a fever, we'll give you something to do while you are trapped." And that person (or "being") needs to be applauded. So that is it for the personal tidbit of the day.

So now this is sort of theater-related... I'm watching THE WEDDING SINGER (because it is on, not because I own it or have it Tivo-d, not that it would be bad if I did own it or have it Tivo-d, but I don't) and it is the end part with Billy Idol and I'm wondering... What ever happened to the idea that the Broadway musical version would have random guests do that part? Did I dream that? Because, if I did, that's a good idea and I am indeed a genius. But I don't think I did... and, thus, I wonder what became of it. Those pictures from Seattle with the 80s impersonators were, um, oy.

OK, I'm going to rest now. I hate to waste time when the computer is actually functioning but the world is beginning to spin. And the point of this column was really that I could answer questions here that people keep calling me about and this, this isn't that, this is rambling.

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