Saturday, March 25, 2006

A whole new world...

Today (March 15) Dodger Stages became New World Stages. Now you may recall that there is a restaurant right across the plaza named New World Grill. No, that place is not owned by the same people. No, the venues are not affiliated. Yes, I do believe they could not think of anything better to name the theater complex.

Here is what I think happened:

All of the Stage whatever people that now own the theaters were sitting there in a meeting going over lists of names. Nothing called to them, so they decided to take a break and go get a drink and possibly a bite to eat at the place across the plaza. One of them looks at the menu, sees the New World Grill title treatment, and “inspiration” hits. The rest is history.

That’s it. That’s all I think about that. Oh, and as for Burleigh Grime$, yes, I do think it is still happening. I don’t know why no casting has been announced yet—I do think Marg Helgenberger is still in, but she may have a movie conflict. Maybe they are still begging Peter Gallagher? Maybe even the Arkin back-up plan has failed? Maybe they decided that the play’s name is just dumb? I just honestly don’t know. If I knew EVERYTHING, I’d have my own Billy Finnegan play series. As it is, I am just a featured character in one tiny comedy.

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