Saturday, March 25, 2006

Tony time!

I had a crappy day at work… and I sort of want to sleep… but I felt I needed to get the Replacement Tony post out of the way. Many of you know I was obsessed with trying to understand this category, so, it’s something I’m fairly capable of writing about.

I wish people would stop asking me if Rosie O’Donnell or Diana DeGarmo could win Tony gold this year. (No, seriously, that is the kind of thing people ask me.) I want to state clearly—in order to be eligible, you need to be in a show six months and you need to be in a leading role (as far as the Tony committee is concerned). These ladies are screwed on each of these two counts. O’Donnell wasn’t in FIDDLER for six months and DeGarmo unfortunately won’t stay in HAIRSPRAY the required minimum. Plus both are in roles that were considered by the Tony folks to be supporting when their productions opened. Let’s face it—does anyone think Penny Pingleton is a leading role? I mean I like the ‘Now I’ve tasted chocolate line’ as much as the next person, but…

Now I offer you a complete list of everyone who might possibly be eligible for the big award:

Barrett Foa
Steve Blanchard
Jonathan Pryce
Ron Eldard
John Pinette
Tim Howar*
Matt Caplan*
Simon Russell Beale
Howard McGillin
Hunter Foster
John Treacy Egan
Harvey Fierstein*

Mary Faber
Ashley Brown
Eileen Atkins
Shannon Durig
Antonique Smith*
Eden Espinosa
Megan Hilty
Sandra Joseph

*Indicate people who may not be eligible for various reasons

RENT is the only show that is going to have to make a big choice come consideration time. See each show can only propose two people to the committee. RENT is the only show that has three people who could possibly win. Who will be cut? I’d say Matt Caplan, a longtime cast member, is definitely on the list of contenders. So that leaves Tim Howar and Antonique Smith fighting it out for the final RENT slot—who will get it? Well, considering neither have a real chance anyway, it does not much matter.

The thing I still don’t understand is how the application process is going to work. Members of the eligibility committee, who choose this Tony, all must see a show before the last eligibility meeting on May 11. And they have to come in waves—first three members come and then, if those three like a performance, all the members must come. One major hitch I see in this—there is no deadline as to when productions have to submit their people for the award. So what happens if everyone sends their letters at the end of April? How will all committee members possibly be able to see all of the performances needed to fairly vote on this award? I feel like there needs to be a submission deadline, but, there is not. Anyone for chaos? Seems like it is inevitable.

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