Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do You Know What Side My Corn Is Buttered On?

Well... so.... this was an active week. How long can Xanadu delay opening? How can a headline say "Tony Takes its Casualties" and lead the story with Company, which won the Best Revival of a Musical Tony? What did the League President mean when, in referencing the broadcast's horrible ratings, she told The Times "We suspect our loyal viewers were there"? (Was that supposed to be like "Have no fear--1000 freaks are going to be tuning in no matter how crappy we make it"?)

Anyway, I am sorry when calling-out Donna Karger below I accidentally wrote her name totally wrong. Donna Carter is a model. Dixie Carter is a shining star. And, then, well, Donna Karger of NY-1 was the one I was referencing. All apologies for making my own mistake while pointing out hers.

So--the Tonys... It's too painful to discuss the broadcast, but I did say I'd talk briefly about some parties. At my old job, I had to work through the parties, but, not so this year. Though parties are not like things you can share, really, so, this is going to be lame. Plus, these aren't press events, so I don't want to cross the line in reporting happenings. That would not be appropriate... even for a blogger... So, again, these highlights will be lame.

I started my night at Carmines, celebrating the spectacular win of David Hyde Pierce with the Curtains folks. (Sadly I left before David Hyde Pierce got there.) I ended my night at the Spring Awakening bash at Spotlight Live, along with almost every print theater journalist.

Here are some highlights of the evening for me:

There are some people in this industry that I consider part of my family and two of them happen to be involved in Grey Gardens, so it was nice to go celebrate with them. But they weren't really the highlight there. The highlight of the Grey Gardens party at Tony DiNapoli's was that there were plant centerpieces in Grey Gardens wrapping... And, walking out, they gave us stress balls with plastic corn kernels all over it and a card that says "Jerry liked Edie's corn and we love Grey Gardens. Thanks for celebrating with us." (There was also a popcorn version, but I have the kernels, which I believe is far superior in its weirdness.)

On the street outside of Spotlight Live, Liev Schreiber said to his friends, "Yeah, we're going into Spring Awakening, they won something." (I should note that this was said in jest. Hear me: in jest.)

Taye Diggs helping out a drunk-seeming Zach Braff and saying: "Yeah, it's all about you tonight, man, it's all about you." (Or something basically like that.... I have only told one person that and I was not going to tell it here, because I am so not New York's Intelligencer, but it's just randomness to give you a chuckle.)

Also, I was looking for my friend Brad all over the Spring Awakening party--because he moves around a lot--and I'm walking up the stairs and I hear: "You're Cara, right?" And of course I answer in the affirmative because, even though I wasn't wearing my typical shiny sneakers, I felt there was no point in trying to hide. So this girl says "Why don't you write news? Isn't that what you are supposed to do?" I was so confused! This was a blog reader, so I'm sure she is reading this now and is upset I'm not mentioning her name, but, to be honest, I don't remember it. I dissed her accidentally, but I will answer now. Sometimes I write news, but I don't if I know the press agent and I know that press agent will be upset. When it was my job to break stories, I didn't care who was upset, I was semi-ruthless. Now though... there is sort of no point to stealing another journalist's thunder or upsetting a press person. (That said, I might write some news Sunday relating to a show I don't know the press agent for...)

Ummm... every other story involves drunk/high people and I don't want hate mail, so, there we go. Adios. Enjoy your corn.

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