Monday, June 18, 2007

Shall We Dance

Since we last were in touch, half of the Les Miz leads got fired and Thommie Walsh died. I could talk about either of those things, but I believe I said I'd post news and all the news about those two things is known. So those are non-topics and I shall report new news, as pledged. (Speaking of which, my Charles Mee news was finally confirmed... And I was a little weirded out that one of his shows was named Queens Boulevard--is it only me that naturally thinks of Entourage when that name comes up?)

So, those of you who watched the Tony pre-show may have heard Tommy Tune say he was working on two projects, but he couldn't say what either of them were. I've known one for a while... I have heard about it from more than one source and I don't know who the press agent is, so, I feel I'm pretty safe in sharing it here....

It is a stage version of The Barkleys of Broadway, which was the last Fred and Ginger movie. It was written by Comden and Green and Sidney Sheldon and centers on a musical comedy team. There was a whole drama behind the filming--it was supposed to star Astaire and Judy Garland and have a totally different name, but, allegedly, Gardland's drug and alcohol problems got to be too much, so she was replaced with Rogers (who hadn't done a film with Astaire for about a decade at this point).

As most of you know, Tune hasn't had a Broadway project since 1994. He had that dismal White Tie and Tails off-Broadway in 2002 and recently humiliated himself in the Dr. Doolittle tour, but he's been absent from the Great White Way in this century.

So, that's that. Are any of you fans of the movie? If so, comment. I saw it a long time ago, but I'm no expert.

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