Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Simple Life

No one emailed me questions oddly. And no one commented on the Cara-ness of the last blog entry title. Alas.

Before I do anything else I need to point out another Times story. This blog is so not about me promoting NY Times stories, but I REALLY want to recommend Campbell Robertson's genius story about John Gallagher Jr.. ( ) This story is not genius for anything in particular in it (though I do like "Remember: a fretter."), it's genius because it talks about something that is important that a lot of people outside the industry don't get. More than movies, theater is about the campaign. Because of the small size of the industry, every facet of theater is about "getting out there." This is particularly the case with the Tony Awards. Sure it could be argued that film, tv and music awards are all about the schmooze, but I believe the Tonys are much more about it, again because of the tininess of the industry. We're a close-knit bunch, there is no fourth wall. Last year I heard tons of times, "Well, Harry really isn't attending a lot..." What does that mean? Well, it means people don't feel he is a community member and the community likes its members and they like to vote for those members (aka the John Lloyd Young strategy so wins out). Now maybe this is not the first story ever about Tony campaigning, but it presents the facts well and even I don't remember when the last one was, so, read this one. Do it.

Speaking of campaigning, we all know Jennifer Holliday has been campaigning for something for the last year or so. And it's pretty clear that is the chance to play Effie again in a major venue. Now, she is doing it this summer in Atlanta (as she did in 1994 and 2002) and I'm hearing yet again the rumor that the production just may be part of Encores! Summer Stars series at some point. Roles people were born to play... Yeah, makes sense. I think the issue might be getting the rights, but, I don't want to rain on a parade.

So Wednesday my guest blogger is going to be in full force with Tony picks, as requested. Thus, I am going to throw some of my picks out there now. These aren't based on my conversations with Tony voters (and one goes against those conversations), but they are representations of my gut, which is often wrong. So: Julie White, Frank Langella, David Hyde Pierce, Christine Ebersole, Mary Louise Wilson, John Gallagher Jr. and that's it because my gut doesn't extend to featured people in plays this year (not having seen all the Coast entries). I could give you my picks for everything else, but I've lost the energy and I figure you wouldn't care. But, I will say, I do hope Rob Ashford wins.