Sunday, June 24, 2007

You'll Be In My Heart

Weisslers = Barklays of Broadway... Someone asked if I knew who was producing and that is what I know.

Meanwhile, I am very sad about the state of daily theater journalism. In the last few weeks, things have changed closing dates, said they were limited runs when that was never said before... yet the news sites are silent. No one even got a quote about the Les Miz firings. I mean, I'm very fond of saying only 100 people care about 99% of this stuff, but, if those 100 people are the core of your loyal readership, you should give them the complete story to the best of your ability. I totally understand not breaking casting stories, but, this is not that... Anyway, I'm saying that as a reader. That's it.

I am extremely tired tonight and have so much more to do, so I won't go on really. I did want to comment about Tarzan closing--you always know how bad a show is doing by the time of year it closes. I know that sounds idiotic--I don't want emails saying "of course you know it's doing bad if it closes!" What I mean is, unless family-friendly shows are doing HORRIBLY they don't close before September (unless there is something that NEEDS the theater in August and absolutely cannot open later). Summer is their prime time. Summer is a time when Hairspray has that extra bounce. The Lion King rules. It is a sad sad statement about Tarzan's appeal that it is closing now... Because, you have to think generally, Disney + Summer = Gold. But, not always.

Man, I've lost my train of thought. Work time. Because I'm clearly in the shape for work.

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